Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Time

In order to make time to visit my parents I have to borrow time that was already allotted to my regular evening activities. First to go was dog time. I wish I could think of activities which included both parents and dogs but since the parents don't really like dogs and dogs aren't allowed where they are staying, that is impossible. Next to go was computer time. I tried to get my parent's computer on to the internet but even though I got to the network password page, the signal was too weak to get on the internet. That is very disappointing because so many things that I want to show them are on the internet. After coming home from their house I have just enough time for a quick post and then it's time to get ready for bed.

I hope to take Friday off to spend more time with them. Maybe they will come over here and get on the internet. The weather says rain possible for Saturday and Sunday. Not what I ordered at all. I want sunny and 70's for their entire stay. Is that too much to ask?


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I am sure they will enjoy their stay no matter what the weather is like but hopefully it won't rain on ya'll too much.

Daizy said...

I think I am mainly whining for myself. I'm tired of nice weather during the week and rain on the weekends. It's not fair!