Monday, February 8, 2010

Plastic Covered Furniture

Since my two foster dogs decided to have a peeing contest on my recliner, I had to take steps to protect it. I mentioned it to the rescue lady and she said that she covers her furniture with old blankets so that she can easily wash them. My laundry situation is much more of a chore than normal people's laundry so I didn't like that option. Then I thought that I could cover my chair with a tarp and put bungee cords around it to hold it down. Still, that didn't seem very comfortable for me and then I remembered my contractor's stretch wrap. It's like a giant roll of heavy duty plastic wrap. I bought it when I was trying to cover my leaking swamp cooler on the roof. It worked well until the sun ate the duct tape that was holding it down.

Anyway, I wrapped the plastic around the bottom of the chair and taped in down. We will see if the dogs leave it alone or tear it apart.

I need a house and furniture that I can spray off for easy cleaning. I read somewhere about a woman who used patio furniture for her living room furniture because her boys made a mess and she could drag the couch outside and hose it off. They make such nice looking patio furniture nowadays I think that is a great idea.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I actually like those vinyl couches they have at bowling alleys. I've always wanted one. I bet they would be easy to clean.

Good luck with the pups. I hope the next step isn't wrapping them in plastic :0

Daizy said...

If only I cound wrap them in plastic. I'll be taking the little guy to work tomorrow. Hopefully he won't mind wearing a diaper.