Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hooray For Honest Tenants!

I got my money, I got my money. :)

My tenant gave me December, January and February rent today. She was just a little behind. Her tax money finally came through and she was very happy to be caught up. She even brought me chocolate as a thank you for waiting. I am glad that there are still people out there who appreciate help instead of taking advantage of others who are trying to help them.

This means that I can make another mortgage payment very soon. I can't do it yet because I won't have my contribution until payday. My bank accounts are pretty low right now and I have a $1,000 credit card bill due at the end of the month as well as a regular mortgage payment so I will wait a little while.

I am so happy that it worked out. I don't mind helping people as long as it is actually helping and I am glad that I am in a position to help. If I wasn't able to pay the mortgage on my own I wouldn't have been able to wait so long. Soon I won't have a mortgage at all. I will need to save enough money so that I am not dependent on that rent money every month. Of course I expect it to be paid every month but I don't want my tenants problems to ever put me in a financial bind.


Dave said...

Way to go, Daizy! I was beginning to think your tenant was stringing you along. Now you can move things along the way you had planned.

I remember several years ago I was trying to get a friend of mine to buy out my share of a small business venture we were in. It took a while, but he finally came through. I did not have any bills due which were hanging on this windfall but the happy feeling was similar.

Keep making more dents in your mortgage........

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Good news!

It is nice when people come through and do the right thing.

That mortgage is about to get clobbered!

Daizy said...

Dave, I had the same thought but since my fear was based on other tenant's behavior and not her's I decided to let it play out. I must say I really like making my extra mortgage payment at the beginning of the month instead of the very end. It's like taking an extra month off the end.

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, yup, the next one will be around $2700. Maybe I'll get under the $25k mark.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Thats excellent news. I am glad she was as honest as we first though.

Sallie's Niece said...

What a relief to finally get the rent. Now attack that mortgage!

Daizy said...

Lizzie, it does restore my faith in people a bit. I'm glad I could help her.

Daizy said...

Sallie's Niece, it does feel like the mortgage has stalled a bit. Time to get it moving again!

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