Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Wait Or Not To Wait

I've been comparing prices on sinks and water pumps for weeks now. I thought I knew what I was doing. I bought the sink and vanity cabinet from someone on craig's list today for $50. I was happy with that price. Then my Mom asked if I bought it at Home Depot. That reminded me, I had not checked the price at Home Depot. I was debating whether or not to drive across town and buy another sink and vanity for $60 from another craig's list person. But before I did I looked it up on the Home Depot website and wouldn't you know it...they had one for $39! Only the white one was $39 but still, I don't care about the color. So if I factor in the tax I still paid $8 more than I needed to for the dark brown one that I bought. It is pretty though and I am happy with it. My plan is coming together. It will be so exciting when I actually have water to it.

I emailed the other person and told her I would not be coming by. If I really want another one I know where I can get one for $39. I might do something different now anyway. I saw an RV double sink for $19 and it might be small enough to fit on top of the dark cabinet. Then I could move the white sink top to my bathroom. I put some bricks under it to make it kitchen height instead of bathroom height.

I also stopped by Camping World and their water pump was $200. I checked online again and the price had gone up from $120 to $140. Waiting has cost me $20 more. Oh well, I can't sit around and chase deals forever. Eventually I need to pounce on something and be happy with it. $10 or $20 is not going to bankrupt me. What is more important is that it works.

Oh, and my foster dog did get adopted so it is very quiet around here with only 2 dogs. I'll probably get a new foster dog tomorrow.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Looks like things are coming together on the mobile home.

Nice that he got adopted so soon. very quiet is 'only' two dogs? :p

Daizy said...

It is hard not to throw money at this project, it needs so much. But I am determined to spend as little as possible and I am thrilled that it is working so far.

2 dogs that like to nap instead of chew my walls. Maybe I'm just feeling less stressed.