Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here We Go Again

Every 3 or 4 months someone brings up another job opportunity. In this case, my old co-worker told me that a position is still open out in Yuma. I've thought about it before but didn't want to move. (It's 10 degrees hotter than here. That means 115 is normal in the summer.) But it does offer better money and a 4 day work week so there are some perks. I know they were paying around $25 an hour so I calculated how much more that would be than my current salary. After taxes I would take home $800 a month more. That sounded appealing. But then I remembered that I would need a place to live and since I have a dog I would want a yard. Let's say I could rent a house with a yard for $700. Add another $100 for the utilities on a bigger space and I've just used up all of the extra money that I would make.

If there is no financial incentive, it would still be worth it if it was a fun job. Nope, not really what I would call fun. So the only incentive is the 4 day work week. But I am comfortable where I am living now and I am enjoying my foster dog hobby and puttering around my property on the weekends. I think I'll stay right here, stick with my plan and soon I'll have 7 day weekends.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It is nice to have options even if you don't take them. I think it is good for one's peace of mind and helps you put things in perspective.

Cute pup too!

Daizy said...

Yup, it was fun to daydream about leaving but I realise that I like it here. If that job was in my town then I would take it.

MW said...

Yeah to the eventual 7 day weekends. I'll drink to that!

Daizy said...

Middle Way, it sounds so nice. Do you think weekend won't be special anymore? Well, I will try my best to keep them special.

Tony said...

It sounds like some(one) at this Yuma company really likes what you have to offer ... maybe that deal/offer will be getting sweeter. At what point would it become worthwhile to you?

Also, if you could find an arrangement in Yuma similar to what you have now that accommodates pups and kitty you might be able to do a bit less than $700/month, don't you think? Plus you could even consider renting out your mobile home for some supplemental income.