Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre-Trip Chores

Slept in-Check
Worked on dog fence-Check
Cleaned out freezer and defrosted-Check
Dropped dogs at dog sitter-Check
Bought myself a peppermint blizzard from Dairy Queen-Check

Oh wait, that last one wasn't on the list...but I did it anyway. $3.17 for a small. Yikes. I could have bought a whole tub of peppermint ice cream for that price. Too bad there weren't any grocery stores on the way home. Oh well, I probably only stop at Dairy Queen once a year. That was my stop for 2009.

I got 2 more posts set up for my dog fence. Every post makes it a little more secure. The dogs had a lot of fun running around while I worked. I dug a hole for one post and just used large rocks for the other post which was next to my cactus.
I need one more post for the fence and then a few more for a gate or two. The dogs dug some holes of their own while searching for the rats that live under the mobile home. Too bad they won't dig where I want them to.

When it was time to cart all 3 dogs off to the dog sitter I attempted to let them all ride in the truck cab with me. That lasted about 20 feet down the driveway. They all wanted to ride in the front seat or on my lap. I set up the big dog cage in the truck bed and 2 dogs road back there. They seemed to enjoy the sites and the wind. When we met up with the dog sitter, another lady met us in order to meet my latest foster dog. She wants to adopt him on Monday so I guess I'll only get 2 dogs when I come back...or maybe I'll get a new dog. It feels weird to be dog-free right now. I miss them. But now I have to go pack my suitcase because I have an early flight tomorrow.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I'd say those rats will be looking for a new home if the dogs have enough time to keep digging.

Have a good trip. Oh, and ice cream is a pretty good splurge.

Daizy said...

Ya, they better move out while they still have a chance. I plan to poison the little buggers as soon as I get a chance to install skirting for the other side of the mobile home. I'm tired of hearing them chew on the walls while I try to sleep.

MW said...

Have a great flight tomorrow! You've got me wanting one of those peppermint blizzards too!

Daizy said...

Thanks Middle Way, I will try. You reminded me that I need to check in online...and pay $40 for my luggage. Ouch.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Dogs drive you nuts when they are there but you reallymiss them when they are not. Yep, thats just like kids.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and come back rested enough to face the final year at work.