Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Dog-Made Doggie Door

My dogs greeted me at the door of the mobile home today. That is bad because they are supposed to be sequestered in the hallway. I looked at my panel partition and saw that they had done some remodeling of their own. They added a doggie-door.

Luckily they did not get in to anything in the living room. I have been leaving them unsupervised for a few hours at night to see if they are trust-worthy. On Tuesday they got in to my tool shelf and pulled out a carbon filter. In their defense it did kind of look like a chew bone. They had fun shredding it and I had not-so-much fun picking up the tiny pieces. Yesterday they got in to the trash can and shredded some paper. I put the lid on the trash can now.

I will be buying a muzzle for my dog who is going to stay at a friend's house. I don't want him to chew up her mail. If I bought 2 more muzzles then I could leave the dogs in the living room without worrying. Anyway, back to the hole, I thought about buying a piece of plywood to block the hole but plywood is heavy and almost $40 a sheet. I think it's time for another door. I can find one at the Habitat Store for around $20 and a door will be easier to manage than sliding a half sheet of plywood across the hallway. Plus it looks better and will keep the dust out and heat/AC in. Yep, the dogs have given me another chore for this weekend. What did I do with all of my time before I had dogs? Oh ya, I watched a lot more TV.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...


I used to have a cat door on my garage door for a stray that I fed. It slept there when it was cold or rainy. My dog got in the side door when I left it open once and the cat door was just big enough for her head. She chewed an area about twice that size through the surrounding door panel. Fun times.

Daizy said...

Dog's are funny. It's like the reverse of the lottery...what damage will I find today???