Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lazy Pre-Holidays And New Potty!

I know, strange title. This is a fitting ending to a really strange year. I remembered to haul my trash to work today. I love it when all my trash cans are empty (I'm easy to please sometimes). And I was organised enough to get my dog in the truck and get to work on time. This is how he spent his day between treats and walks. I would have liked a nap myself.

I was planning to stay all day but at 3 the boss called and said I could leave early. Since I had arranged to meet a woman on the opposite side of town at 5:30, I called her, moved up the meeting, and was able to buy this lovely port-o-potti with electric flush! I know, I get excited over portable toilets. But it is exciting because it is another step closer to moving out of my RV and in to the mobile home.

Someone asked me if the electric flush meant it had to be plugged in. Ha, no. it has batteries. It was only $25 and the lady threw in the chemicals and toilet paper. She also gave me 2 cool camping mats, the thin kind that you blow up and a seat cushion. Now I have to find someone who wants to go camping. Technically I think I have been RV camping for 8 years but that's not the same as tent camping. I'm not sure I want to tent camp again.

I'm going to try to pick out the strangest parts of my 2009:

I'll start with my trashed rental house (not a pleasant way to start the year)
Skin cancer (expensive)
Foster dogs (expensive but fun)
RV A/C and fridge repair (expensive and hot)
The rattlesnake (scary)
Broken teeth and the Mexican dentist (strange but cheap!)

I can't seem to remember any significant events happening from March to July. Oh well, perhaps I blocked them from my mind.

I hope next year is a great year for everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

That pup has it made. Did the other two get along well together by themselves?

Living Creekside said...

Happy New Year to you :-)

Popular Girl said...

Happy new year. I remember that rattlesnake!

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, well, the new pup was alive so I guess they got along. My pitt mix is kind of the disciplinarian of the bunch. She keeps the kids in line.

Daizy said...

LaDawn, hope this is a great year for you too!

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, I'll never forget that snake. Hope I don't see any of it's relatives this year.