Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Dog Chores

I got up early and shuttled my foster dog to her new owner. I hope it works out. My dog is a chewer. She loves chewing the paneling off the mobile home walls and pulling out the insulation. Maybe the new owner has a brick house. The guy returned another dog to me who he had adopted from the rescue but didn't work out because of potty accidents in the house. I could have delivered the dog to the rescue lady but I decided to keep him around and see if he would fit in with my dogs. He is a very affectionate dog which is good except that my other foster dog is also very affectionate and they get jealous of each other. At least he hasn't peed in the house yet. He is very thin and I hope I can fatten him up a little. I seem to be good at that.

I took my other foster dog to the vet. He has 2 hernias that need to be fixed when he gets neutered. The vet also said that he is almost fat. Yep, I'm good at that. The soonest appointment I could get is 2 weeks from now because of Thanksgiving week. Everyone is closed or on vacation.

I came home and let the dogs run around in the temporary dog yard. They really like that. I attempted to dig holes for the posts for the dog fence. That didn't go very well. The deepest hole was maybe 6 inches after much digging and watering and digging. I noticed the neighbor digging a hole too so I went over to say hi. Turns out he was digging up some posts. His hole was about 2 feet deep and he still couldn't get the post out. I hope I don't have to dig that deep. It would take forever.

And in other news, my sister had a baby today! 3 days early. I'm sure she is glad that she doesn't have to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Was the dog you gave away the aggressive one that wants to eat the cat?

Is your sister's new baby a boy or girl?

Daizy said...

Unfortunately no. But it was the one who ate the walls so that's good too.

New baby is a girl.

KoBold said...

Hurray for the baby!
Is she fine with all that flu-stress?

Daizy said...

KoBold, we haven't given her an IQ test yet but with 7 siblings she is going to be a little warped anyway...haha....I hope they aren't reading this... :) Smiley faces make everything better.

moocifer said...

That tan dog is cute!

Congrats on your new niece!

Daizy said...

Thanks bugbear, I get to see my new niece for Christmas. The new dog is very sweet that he stopped peeing in the house.