Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Dentist Down, One To Go

I don't like going to the dentist so why am I going to more than one? I suppose just to find out what a mysterious Mexican dentist is really like. I went to the dentist with the fancy office near my house today. He was nice and reminded me of my old dentist that I liked so much in Yuma. I got free x-rays with the coupon that they sent out in the mail. I didn't stick around for a cleaning because I was already very late for work by the time I had my estimate for my cracked tooth.

Lucky for me that tooth already had a root canal (no wonder it doesn't hurt) and it hasn't cracked below the gum line so I just need a crown. He said he could do a temporary filling for $100 but wouldn't guarantee that it would last. A proper crown will cost me $580 after my insurance pays it's part. I was pretty close with my guess of $600.

Tomorrow I will go to a Mexican dentist and see how much a crown costs. I'm not sure I will let them do the work. It depends on my impression of the office and the dentist.

So, worst case will cost me $580. I am tempted to get a temporary filling now and take my chances until next year when my mortgage is paid off and I have more money to spend. I still need to go back for a cleaning which is covered 100% by my insurance. Good thing is I have a dentist nearby that I like. Bad thing is I hate going to the dentist.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Maybe the Mexican dentist will be great. And cheap.

My childhood dentist was a sadist. Lots of good ones out there though.

Daizy said...

I did not like my childhood dentist either. I think I had a cavity every time I went and they gave the most painful shots. This new dentist's staff offered me nitrous AND Valium if I want them. I've never tried either.

Popular Girl said...

Go for the valium. I had annoying reactions to certain numbing injections, but my new dentist loads me up on valium the night before and the morning of and uses much less anaesthetic. The valium makes you pretty much forget the whole experience. Just don't drive there or back if it's in your system. Have never had nitrous, so I can't compare.

KoBold said...

I loved my childhood dentist. Sure, I never had a cavity until I tuned 18, so going to the mandatory dentist visit with school meant a day without classes twice a year.

Dave said...

The dentist I have had for the last 20 years is a caring and compassionate man. He apologizes to me if he does something which causes me some discomfort and warns me beforehand if he is about to something which will cause me discomfort even if he already made me numb with the Novocaine. He also warns his assistant to be careful with me because I gag easily. (No gas or valium for me.)

I can't put a price on that kind of good treatment so even if a crown costs $1,100 (with half of it paid by insurance) it is well worth it.

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, valium would be great if I didn't have to go back to work after...or maybe it would make work better too.

Daizy said...

KoBold, I did get out of school for it but I always had a cavity and my sister didn't. Totally not fair.