Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Box At A Time

Instead of watching TV with the dogs tonight I decided to get one box of stuff together to give away. The dogs thought it was great fun to check out the things in the box and I even let them play keep away with a foam cell phone holder. It got destroyed but that's ok. It served it's purpose as a dog toy.

A lot of my stuff is for crafts. Paints, paper, art kits, colored pencils, sewing supplies. I don't want to get rid of all of it but there is no way that I need that much of everything. I don't even have space or time for crafts. Another large category is decorative items that came from my house. Fake flowers and foliage, picture frames and vases, so many things that I don't have a place for right now. The hardest category is childhood memorabilia. I have a lot. I'm not even going to try to sort that right now. I have plenty to do first.

All of this sorting takes up a lot of time. Shopping for and buying the stuff took time, moving the stuff took time, and now sorting through the stuff is taking more time. I need to be more vigilant in the future about bringing stuff home. I can think of many more fun things I would rather be doing with my time than sorting stuff.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I would save the childhood stuff for the very last.

What do the dogs like to watch on TV?

Daizy said...

They don't really like to watch TV but they do like the treats I give them while I watch TV. I usually only get 2 channels in the mobile home. If I move in there I will need a better antenna for sure.

Money Funk said...

definitely, childhood memorabilia last. Why not keep it? I love going thru old stuff. I am having fun throwing alot of the stuff away. As for the memorabilia, I did part with some of the less meaningful things, but others got reboxed. And it was nice to cut down on boxes.

My end goal? I am hoping to rid of alot. Enough that if I was to decide to travel... I wouldn't have much to hold me back. :)

Like your mobile home renovations in progress. :)

And sorry to hear, you don't seem to have the best of luck with renters. But that was nice of you to renegotiate terms of the rental with you tenant. I hope it does work out.

KoBold said...

We have rearranged rooms lately. Our kids had to face the amount of stuff they have hoarded in the past years in the form of sorting them, getting rid of the "slag".
It was an incremental process. I think they have learned a thru it.

KoBold said...

...a LOT thru it.
(Alas, comments cannot be edited after posting.)

Daizy said...

Money Funk, ya, I like to look at my childhood stuff. I have a lot though. Definitely time to sort through again. I need to pack the good stuff better to protect it and get rid of the excess. No sense in letting it get ruined.

KoBold, I don't remember getting rid of stuff as a kid. Clothes but not toys. I still have my stuffed animals!