Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hoarding Rain

Two weeks ago it rained just enough to make my car filthy. I had just paid $7 for a car wash which I do once or twice a year. I paid another $7 this week because I couldn't stand my dirty car anymore. It hasn't rained significantly in many weeks. They predict a wet winter because of our lack of summer rain but no sign of rain yet.

While scanning craig's list I saw a 275 gallon water tank for $50. These are used tanks from fertilizer or other things. Usually the guy sells them for $120, which is a good price anyway but $50 is phenomenal. The reason that it was $50 was because the metal cage was rusted and someone had cut a hole in the top. Since I will be using it to catch rainwater I need a hole in the top anyway. So I bought it and dragged it home. Eventually I want to add a gutter to my greenhouse and put this tank next to it. That project isn't a priority so for right now it will be another spare tank in case my primary collection tanks are full. Of course, if it doesn't rain soon then there will be no chance of reaching my maximum water capacity. I usually only have full tanks in August.

The water tank wasn't really a "need" but when a deal like that comes around it is hard to pass up. My total rainwater harvesting capacity is now 1,800 gallon. Who needs a well? Not me.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Sounds like a good deal. Nice score.

My truck is dirt colored, so I generally only wash it after snow when they put salt down on the streets.

Daizy said...

I was just thinking that a dirt colored dog would be very handy. It is impossible to keep my black dogs clean when they roll around in brown dirt all day.

KoBold said...

There you have your dirt colored dogs. Only don't wash them.