Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cranky Day

My carpool wanted to get up an hour early to go to the medical lab to have blood taken for our new health insurance requirements. I should have said I would drive myself later but instead I decided to save a few bucks on gas and go along. I have been wanting that hour of sleep back all day long.

Then the phlebotomist picked a small vein and had to jab around to get my blood. Ouch. Have I mentioned that I really hate my health insurance? At least they did finally pay that outstanding bill for $690. I guess it's safe to go back to the doctor again.

After that I got a call from my weekend job saying that I had saved the files in the wrong format and they couldn't open them. Darn. I was in such a rush and I was using someone else's computer. I completely forgot that someone else might not have the same software. That job is going to haunt me I think.

It would have been lovely if I could have crawled back in to bed for an hour or two, or four. Friday can not get here fast enough.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Ouch on the needle. I hate when they probe around in there.

Ouch on the wrong format. Hopefully you could direct them to a computer that had the right software? We have that problem at work because some of our machines have an older version of Microstation than the other ones.

KoBold said...

Sorry for the offtopic:
Have you received my email regarding Christmas?
I really look forward to know your wishes!

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, I'm trying to think of a good part of the day but the best part was when it was over.

KoBold, one of everything please. Oh wait, I don't have anywhere to put it all. Too bad.