Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Searching For A Dr. Again

I checked my health insurance online to see if all of my claims have been processed. I saw a new one on the list and thought that maybe the hospital had been paid their $690. When I opened the file it was only a $75 claim for a different date. I was supposed to have another dermatologist check up appointment next week but I decided to cancel it until they can get their billing straightened out. I really don't want to add more bills to the list right now.

While I'm waiting for the bills to get paid, I thought I would check the list of in-network providers again to see if my old dermatologist was still on the list. Yup, still there. The insurance lady said, "if the doctor says they don't accept this insurance then you can call us back and we will get on a 3-way call with the doctor's office and explain their contractual responsibilities". Gee, that is not something I want to get in the middle of. Can't they just figure it out amongst themselves and straighten it out? Of course, when I called my old doctor's office they said they were out of network with my insurance. I didn't do a 3-way call. I believe my old doctor's office knows more about the insurance they accept than my insurance company.

The next step is to try and find a brand new dermatologist who is in-network and can do their billing correctly. That might be asking a lot.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

you need an easy button. I can't believe they wanted you to get into a 3 way call on contractual obligations with your doctor. Going to the doctor is stressfule enough.

Daizy said...

I do need an easy button. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.