Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Day Gone

I worked a 10 hour day at my other job today. That 1 hour commute gets old really fast. Only 2 more days of it left, Sat. and Sun. Tomorrow I will work at my regular job. We were going to dress up in house coats and curlers for Halloween to annoy my boss but he decided to take an unexpected business trip out of town. A little too convenient I think. I wonder if he found out and couldn't stand to think about house coats in the office. :)

The weather has dipped in to the 30's at night. There's even a freeze warning tonight for some elevations. They say we will have a wet winter this year. We had a particularly dry summer which was unusual. I like wet as long as it isn't destructive rain. I don't want to be stranded if my road washes away.

The cold weather makes taking care of the dogs in the morning and evening a little bit harder. It is already annoying to get up when it is dark and get home when it is dark. My office doesn't have windows so I rarely see the sun any more. In the summer I wish for the winter because it is too hot. In the winter I wish for the summer so that I have some daylight. I'm never happy. Some day I'll have a job with a flexible schedule so I can add a little balance to my life.

Tomorrow I am going to bring one of my dogs to work. I decided that if I am not dressing up and the boss is out of the office then I might as well bring a dog. I hope he does ok. At least it will make the day more interesting and hopefully it will go by faster.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

The dog days of Winter?

I wish I could bring my dog to work. Or just send her there in my place :I

Daizy said...

That's one thing that would be good about being self employed, you make the rules. I bet your dog could get you fired! Maybe you should do that on your last day, send the dog in with a note that says I Quit!

Dave said...

Speaking of "last day," today marks the one-year anniversary of my last day at work. I have no pets, so I could not bring one in (and wouldn't haul it on the trains for an hour anyway LOL!).

So I begin my second year of retirement with my largest monthly dividend payment of the year. Like getting a bonus LOL! :)

Daizy said...

Dave, that is very cool. Care to share any details on how to invest for a secure early retirement?