Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back To Normal

Back to normal if having 2 puppies and a cat in an RV is normal. The cat has settled back in to the RV (she was previously in the mobile home next door with the AC) now that the weather is cooler and I don't have to leave the AC on for her all day, just the fan. However, she forgot that the puppies come in to the RV in the evening to hang out with me and kitty got stranded under the table, cut off from her separate back room. Every once in a while, while I am typing, one of the puppies tries to get at her and there is much hissing and spitting from the cat and a little whining from the puppy.

Last night, one of the puppies managed to get out of the bathroom and in to the storage room where the cat had been just one day before. The puppy pooped on my rug. It wasn't a good rug, just some really old carpet that the previous owner had thrown in there. I cleaned it up as best as I could this morning before work and then thought about the easiest way to clean it the rest of the way later on. I do have a carpet cleaning machine but I have decided to just cut out the offending piece of carpet and throw it out. I was planning on throwing the whole piece of carpet out soon anyway. Who knows what else is in that carpet. It is truly gross.

In order to ensure that the puppy does not escape again, I need to buy another door. The mobile home was missing most interior doors when I bought it. Actually, it only had one door, just one for the bathroom and the bathroom has 2 entrances so it needs 2 doors. I have peg board covering the hallway entrance and my stuff stacked up to cover the other entrance which obviously doesn't work very well. Doors are $22 at Lowe's plus hinges and knob. I'm going to measure the space for the hall door and see if the Habitat Store has any old doors that will fit for less than $22. If the hinges and knob are still attached that will be stupendous. Then the hall will have a door and I can move the peg board to block the other bathroom entrance which will still allow air flow from the AC/fan in the back room. That is my plan anyway. And my project for the weekend after I get through one more day of work.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I have a door you can have. I will put some stamps on it and send it your way.

Maybe try Craigslist or Freecycle.

Daizy said...

Please do. I know the Habistore has them. Cheapest were $10, I just have to remember to measure my space. Craig's list had a few but they were across town again. Haven't checked the Tucson freecycle, just my local one. But this is one of those chores I want done yesterday. I'm not in the mood to play phone tag and drive all over.

Daizy said...

I've noticed that freecycle is 90% wanted and 10% offers now. And half of the offers are animals or old TVs.