Thursday, August 27, 2009

End Of The Month Stretch

I was hoping to make it until September without spending my extra budget money. I had $158 last week. After an emergency stop for deodorant and a watch battery, as well as carpool gas, I was down to $130. Then I had 2 lunches out this week, not a necessity but just to be social. Luckily they weren't high dollar lunches. $5 for Taco Bell on Monday (my favorite) and $5 for a burrito and drink at a Mexican spot today. I have $120 left and I'm pretty low on food. I'm even out of frozen vegetables. I do have oranges and lettuce, baby carrots, half a tomato and applesauce. No more milk or iced tea. Plenty of dog treats though! :)

I think I will spend $5 tomorrow and buy a half gallon of milk and a watermelon. That will tide me over at least until September and I will still have extra budget money to pay down my air conditioning and puppy bills. I just need enough self control to buy ONLY watermelon and milk. That means walking all the way back to the dairy case without picking up anything else. It won't be hard if I don't get a cart. I don't think my arms could hold anything more.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Milk without cookies? Once you pick up some cookies, you are pretty close to the cakes, so you might as well get one or three of those.

Good luck.

Daizy said...

Ha, well, luckily I still have cookies from that Mother's cookies binge last month.