Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wild Wednesdays

Today was another crazy-busy day at work. I like the days when work is steady but I can keep up. I started to get behind after lunch and things began to be buried on my desk. I hope I can find them again tomorrow. At least there are only 2 more days until the weekend. That is why Wednesdays are a little bit better than Mondays, the week is half-way over.

I snuck a little time in the morning to peek at my mortgage pay-off spreadsheets. I added up the extra money that I have right now including the escrow rebate and the $20 extra that is supposed to be in my paycheck from the government stimulus rebate. Then if my renters actually come through and pay me for July, I could, in theory, take a whole month off of my mortgage plan. I shouldn't get my hopes up like that. I know that life is expensive and car repairs, home repairs and medical bills, just to name a few, eat up that extra money. In fact I have a dermatologist appointment coming up and those appointments are very expensive. I'm hoping I will escape for under $1,000. So much for that extra month off my plan. I'll have to be content with the knowledge that I have the cash to cover my bills, regular and not so regular. Paying bills might not be as fun as a horse or a cruise but peace of mind is fun too.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Work always seems like that. Either slammed or not much going on. It is almost never balanced.

Good luck with the dermatologist visit. Hope everything checks out and it is less than $1k.

Daizy said...

My first office visit used up $680 of my health spending account so I am expecting the next visit to cost more since it involves a specialist. Why can't I do surgery at home? It would be much cheaper.