Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cleaning And More Cleaning

I am on vacation this whole week while our office is shut down to save money.  Don't worry, I am still employed, at least I think.  I haven't received any serious phone calls from my boss yet.

My Mom and I finished cleaning her 'media' room.  All of the books are back on the shelves.  Now she can see them and weed out the ones she wants to give away or sell.  It was great to get something accomplished.  I even took pictures but I don't have my camera cord and I'm too cheap to send the picture with my camera phone.  

Next I will head over to my sister's house and see if I can help her out.  I'm sure she will find something for me to do.  My Mom is trying to figure out where I could live if I moved here.  There is a small problem with the septic tank location.  I'd have to park my RV on the front lawn!  Of course I could build myself a cabin in the back with a composting toilet.  That's always an option.  I'm having fun thinking of ideas. 


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I vote tree house in the back. That or see if you can pull one of those Brady Bunch story lines. Whenever one of the kids wanted their own room, they would magically have an attic or den available that you never saw before.

KoBold said...

Re Over the Cubicle Wall:
How about a Frank Vanderwal style treehouse? (As in 50 Degrees Below?)

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I have to admit, that flew over my head without even slowing down. I googled it though. I was thinking on the lines of the Swiss Family Robinson.