Friday, July 3, 2009

Bumpy Flights

So, I got up early and arrived for my flight an hour and a half ahead of time like I was supposed to. I made it through security with my little baggie of liquids and sat down at my gate with my snacks from home. Just as we were about to board they made an announcement that a small private plane had flipped on the runway thus we would have to wait in line for an open space on the other runways. A few minutes later they came back and said that the available runways were shorter so 17 people would have to give up their seats in order for the plane to be light enough for take off. I got in line to get re-booked along with many other people who thought they would probably miss their connecting flights anyway. 10 more minutes passed while the ticket agents tried to re-book people. Of course they were not having any luck finding open seats on the day before a holiday. Then all of a sudden the gate agent came back and said that the runway was clear and we could all get on the plane. We were happy except for some of us who worried about missing our next planes.

When we landed in Salt Lake City at runway door #32, the people who didn't have connecting flights let the rest of us off first so that we could run to our gates. I took off in the direction of my next connection even though I only had 10 minutes and was sure I would never make it in time. I ran around one corner, then another and made it to the gate where everyone was standing around waiting to board. I was happy that I made it and wondered what was delaying this next plane. A few minutes later we were allowed to board and I walked through gate 79 down the hallway to door #32! It was the exact same plane I had just been on! It was nice of them to let me get a little exercise between flights like that. Haha.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and I made it safely to my destination where the weather is almost as hot as Arizona. Everything is a lot greener though.

I hope everyone has a nice 4th of July tomorrow! I'll be hanging out with the family. :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Happy Fourth!

That is pretty funny about the plane 'change'. Hope you have a less convoluted return trip.

KoBold said...

Too bad I've been off-line for the week-end. I guess it is too late for wishing happy 4th of July. Bummer.

Tom said...

I am out of breath just reading your post.

Daizy said...

Over The Cubicle, I'm hoping I can get bumped for a free ticket on the way home. Probably not though, my best chance was before the holiday.

Ko Bold, you missed the fireworks! Maybe next year.

Tom, and to think some people pay extra for a gym membership. I get it as a free bonus with my flight. :)