Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy, Cold Saturday...Good Weather For Cooking

Last week it was almost 90. Today the high is 54 with rain and hail and even snow in the nearby mountains. I'm glad I ran all of my errands yesterday. I am also glad for the rain because that means I have more water in my tanks!

Today I did my laundry and washed my new clothes. It is so fun to put new clean clothes in to my drawers. I started a new give-away bag. It is half way full already. I forgot that I was going to sort and give away those extra sheets that are in my shed. Out of sight out of mind. That is bad. My shed is becoming another place for stuff to hide.

I bought some stew meat last week so I decided to make beef and broccoli because I also bought the seasoning packet for it. Well, it didn't turn out well probably because the soy sauce that I had was leftover from a restaurant and very old. Luckily I was wary of the sauce and only mixed up a very small bowl to try. It was ok but I didn't want any more so I turned the rest of the beef in to beef stew. I didn't use a recipe but it turned out pretty good anyway. Having the crock pot cooking away on this chilly day made it seem like winter again.

It will warm up again next week and be over 100 before I know it. I'm not looking forward to that but that's the price I pay for no (or very little) snow.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

We have the same weather going on over here. Supposed to be real nice for Easter tomorrow.

I love beef stew. Sorry about the broccoli :(

Daizy said...

I suspect most of that flavor packet was corn starch and MSG, no big loss. I really don't like those packets, I only buy them as a crutch.

I hope this hail and snow doesn't go your way. If you get snow next week it's not my fault!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Hail, and tornadoes all around the area yesterday. Nothing right here thankfully.

rinny said...

I'm kinda getting dejavu, I have my oil change Monday morning plus donating a garbage bag full of stuff! It's POUNDING here today for Easter so we are staying in!

Daizy said...

rinny, it must be the theme for the month...oil change, donating, and rain! I hope you don't need shocks too!