Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easy Chores Are Never Easy

I had easy chores on my list for today. I got up and loaded my truck with thrift store stuff. I didn't load all of the stuff because I haven't made up my mind on a few things but it is better to get the majority of the stuff out now. It was very easy to drop the stuff off at the donation center. They gave me a generic receipt. I guess it is up to me to put a value on my donations if I have enough to itemize my taxes next year. (I doubt it)

I was tempted to stop by Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream because I was an hour early for my oil change appointment but I went there anyway just in case they could get me in early. The oil place said they would try to get me in and so I walked over to the hardware store to waste some time and use my $5 coupon. I was browsing the aisles, putting too many things in my basket when the oil change place called and said that I needed back shocks. Well, how much and how fast? I said ok, do it because I haven't replaced the shocks ever. After hearing the price took a few things out of my basket and put them back.

I finished up at the hardware store and went back to check on my truck. They were lifting it up when I walked by so they let me look underneath. Very interesting. The back shock definitely looked like it was leaking. They told me the front ones weren't as bad but should be replaced soon. Gee, I thought my truck rode rough because its a truck. Now I know it is because the shocks are bad. They had a shuttle service which took me home and I had lunch and dug a trench around my tree while I waited. Then they picked me up and I paid the big bill of $264. At least I had a coupon for the oil change!

After that I drove over to the vehicle inspection station and when I pulled in I smelled a bad smell. The first thing I thought was 'THAT car isn't going to pass inspection!'. Haha. Then I noticed smoke coming from my rear wheel. I looked under the truck but couldn't see anything so I called the oil place. They said they had probably adjusted the brakes too tight and to come back immediately. So I went back to the oil place, looked at a magazine for a while and they fixed my brakes. I went all the way back to the inspection station, this time I wasn't smoking and the truck passed. Whew. A smoking truck is never a good thing. At least the oil place gave me a card for a free oil change for my trouble.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

So much for weekend bliss! I hope you get a chance to relax some tomorrow.

I still need to change my oil.

Daizy said...

I'm baking (and eating) cookies right now so at least this evening is pretty good.

Saver Queen said...

I'm glad that they at least gave you a coupon for a free oil change! These things always seem to be more of a pain than anticipated.

Daizy said...

A free oil change is good but who knows what they will find next time. It might turn out to be another $264 oil change. But it is better than a dead car.

moocifer said...

Just so you know, shocks dampen the springs in your suspension so that the truck doesn't keep going "spring spring spring boing boing" down the road after you go over a bump.

also if your shocks are really gone and the springs keep "springing" all the time for a long time they could fatigue and break, which is more expensive than just having shocks done.

The truck will probably be a little less bouncy with new shocks in the rear. Although new shocks in the front really make the most difference if those are shot.

congrats on the successful if surprising chore run!

Daizy said...

Hi bugbear, so shocks in the front will make my ride smoother. Well, there goes the travel fund...I want front shocks!