Monday, April 13, 2009

50% Off Easter Candy

Nope, I didn't NEED any candy but I bought it anyway. Everyone at work brings something in to the office at one time or another so I might as well buy candy when it's on sale, right? They did appreciate it so I was happy. One guy wasn't in the office so I hid chocolate eggs in plain sight around his cubicle. I hope I didn't leave any near a heat source or else he is going to have an unpleasant melty surprise tomorrow. :)

In other news, I gave away over 100 black and red plastic pots of assorted sizes for planting through craig's list today. It took 3 days to coordinate the pickup which was a little more trouble than I thought it should have been for free stuff. But the guy who took them was very appreciative and told me of his great plans for planting vegetables this year for the first time. I wished him luck. He's going to need it.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Send me some Peeps if your coworkers don't eat them all!

Daizy said...

You know, they didn't have any peeps or reese beanut butter eggs or chocolate bunnies. They had very little candy and I was there first thing when they were still taking down the Easter aisle. I think they ship it somewhere else. Maybe there is a peep black market.

Big Sis said...

The Peeps this year were in hideous colors...bright blue, purple, and an orange that was brighter than those cones in the construction zones. Send me the Mounds Eggs. (Seriously. No, really.) Oh, and whoever thought white chocolate Reeses peanut butter eggs were a good idea? They mixed those in with the regular ones but the kids picked them out and "discarded" them. Blech.