Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taxes Make Me Goofy

Sometimes I have my moments...airhead moments. Taxes trigger one of those moments every year. Every year I look for the past year's tax records and every year I think that they are missing because I can only find the records from 2 years ago. I need 2008 I think and I search and search. Today I did that. I searched and panicked and searched. I got a lot of cleaning done in the mobile home so that was a bonus. I gave up searching after 5pm and decided to look in my record box one more time. Hmmm, 2007, those ARE the records that I need. Ok, I felt dumb but I was thrilled to find them .

You see, I couldn't remember what I used at a tax basis for my rental property depreciation. I had the online H&R Block forms (free file) all filled out except for that amount. The online form said I owed $163. I filled in the missing info and now I only owe $6. Yea! I need to check it once more before I am brave enough to send it in but I am relieved that it is almost finished. State taxes are next and I usually get back around $100. This is a huge relief because I didn't have any money budgeted for taxes. Silly of me, I know. Sometimes I get a little too aggressive with the mortgage repayment. I want ALL of my money to go to the mortgage so that it goes away as fast as possible. Yesterday my boss told me again that I needed to get Netflixs. He is sure my life is dull without it. I think I have plenty to keep me busy, cleaning my mobile home, searching for imaginary tax records, riding my exercise bike while watching my annoying digital TV. My life is plenty bright without Netflix! Plus, I need that money for the mortgage.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how obsessed people get with insisting you need something? Tell your Netflix friend that you spend a lot of time on the Internet...he'll assume you're cruising porn sites or something. Ha ha! ( they HAVE porn sites on the Internet?)

Seriously, the library has plenty of DVDs if you ever feel the need. You're probably already a member of that club.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Tax is okay here (calculation not the paying of it) as long as you are a standard person, we dont even have to do a tax return but if you have to do one once you are stuck with it forever. I want to live somewhere with no tax!!!

Daizy said...

Big Sis, my boss also likes to tell me that drinking would make my life more interesting although he doesn't drink himself. Some people are just strange.

I looked at the library's selection last year. I have no desire to see Silence of the Lambs! They were all movies I would not want to see. If I get too bored I can watch online TV shows and Hulu movies although I find them to be the same movies that have just been on the networks.

Hi Lizzie, no tax paperwork? I want to move to the UK! Standard people probably don't have rental houses though.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Good news on the tax front! Tell your boss to lend you his dvds from netflix, and you will drop them in the mail when you are done watching them!

I did this for a while with a friend, but usually never watched them before I mailed them back. Glad I wasn't paying for the service.

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, I did borrow a movie from him last year. I tried to watch it but it had subtitles and I like to do other stuff while the TV is on so I missed the whole first part. I never finished it. Plus, back then I didn't have a place to mail letters at the end of my road, I had to take it to the post office which was really inconvenient. Since then a crazy driver crashed in to the mail boxes and the post office replaced them with a box that accepts outgoing mail so it is a little more convenient. But still, not enough to pay money. Someday in the future when I am bored I'm sure I will do it. Plus they have the instant download feature so 'someday' when I get a laptop maybe I will download movies.