Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taxes Are Finished, Now What?

I finally finished my taxes. Yea! I used H&R Block free e-file online. With the rental house expenses and depreciation I would rather have my taxes calculated automatically than depend on my math skills. I did my state taxes with the fillable form on the state website. I still had to print it out and mail it in but at least it filled in some of the blanks for me so that I didn't have to read every single instruction. In the end I owed $6 for Federal taxes and got $235 back from the state. Hmm, what shall I do with the money? Well, if my maintenance fund wasn't so low I would put it towards the mortgage but the maintenance fund has a mere $100 in it. I think $100 should go in that fund, $100 should go to the travel fund and $35 should go towards a thrift store shopping spree after I clean out my closet. It will be my reward for cleaning and donating those clothes that I never wear.

After my taxes were done I cleaned up all of the papers and receipts that have been loitering around my computer. Some day I will get a flat screen monitor and get a little bit of my table space back. I tallied up this months expenses this far. Yikes, only $8 left for March and I need gas. Too bad I can't fill my truck with rootbeer. I have plenty of that.

I found a bucket and big bowl in the mobile home to use for washing and rinsing dishes in the RV. Now that my big pot is right outside my door I want to save all of my grey water for my plants. So far the placement of my little garden is working well. They get morning sun and afternoon shade. Now I just have to protect it from bugs and dogs!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Good news on the refund!

I love how you just find stuff in your mobile home to use. I need a mobile home!

Daizy said...

Haha. Finding stuff in there just reinforces my pack rat tendencies. Now I'll never be able to give any of that junk away!

Res said...

Hi there, I just came across your blog from another frugal blogsite, I added you to my RSS. Just looking for fellow bloggers out there. Hope you don't mind. Congrats on the return BTW. Looks like you're trying to get rid of stuff too, I can totally relate to that. It's a tedious but rewarding process.


Daizy said...

Hello Res and thanks for stopping by! Always good to hear from a fellow frugal blogger.