Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Giving Without Reward

I have a lot of stuff to give away this year. Yes, I STILL have all of the bad tenant's junk. I had planned to give it to the local thrift store and get a receipt for next year's taxes. Well, I filled out my tax forms last week and found that I don' have enough deductions to itemize them. The standard deduction is larger. That means my donations aren't going to count unless they are over $5,000!

On one hand I was disappointed. I usually don't have a lot of stuff to donate. This was going to be the first time that I brought a lot of boxes to the donation center and got a receipt (I usually just drop my bags at the corner donation box).

On the other hand, it is kind of freeing. I don't have to keep track of what I donate, what the value is, whether it is used or new, what category it falls in to, what the address is for the donation center, what date I donated on and keep track of my receipt for years. No, I can donate items when ever and where ever I please with no Big Brother looking over my shoulder scrutinizing what I choose to donate. I think I like this way better.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get a receipt anyway? You don't know what this year might bring. Or not.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I've actually never gotten a receipt for donations. I just want to be done with it, including not having to deal with paperwork. And, as you said, the standard deduction is more for me anyway.

Daizy said...

Big Sis, you mean like large medical bills???

Over The Cubicle, perhaps I am just afraid they are going to say, no thanks, we don't want your trash. I'd rather drop it in the box anonymously and run away :)

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I agree, there is nothing better than donating to charity and it clears the mind and your home too!

BeeARawFoodie said...

I'm always grateful for rhte dual beauty in donations -- Gukka out of the house and the sense of Ahhhhh after donating and the other side of the coin is having clean, thriftstores with volunteers / job training so when I do need something I can shop and know I'm supporting upcycling and a local economy. Your post reminds me, I have my bags to donate, and now that the snow has melted, no excuse -- time to haul them to Happy Donation Land.

Keep up the great Blog. You are an inspiration more than you realize!

Daizy said...

Sharon Rose, more clean space is definitely a bonus, as long as I don't try to fill it up again.

BeeARawFoodie, thanks so much for the compliment. I'm glad you were inspired. Last night I started cleaning out the closet. It was so good to see the floor again!