Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sorting, Sorting, All The Day Long

I decided to focus my efforts on sorting the old tenants things today. I have no emotional attachment to those things so it is much easier to make quick decisions. I set up the little kid's chair that was left behind and arranged my give away box, keep (for sale later), and trash bag. I spent 4 hours sorting and managed to salvage 5 boxes of stuff for the thrift store. I still have 4 bags to sort through that are marked 'garage'. Hopefully I will find more usable things in there. My trash pile is too big already and it will cost me $10 for each trip to the dump so the more things that I can donate the better.

I did find my silverware (yea!). It isn't actually made out of silver. I just wanted to find it again because I only have 2 forks right now and I don't like washing dishes every time I need another fork. It was stashed in an old truck full of trash. One of the workmen must have stuffed it there when we were taking the last load to my garage. Good thing we didn't have time to go to the dump that day.

It is very nice to make some progress with the clean-up. It will be even better when I make that trip to the dump and thrift store and it is gone for good.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Nice that you found your silverware!

Somewhat therapeutic to get rid of all of their junk?

Daizy said...

I wouldn't call it therapeutic, I would call it CSI. I am nosey and like to find clues about how they live and think. I found some evidence for my lawsuit :) Ok, it is also fun to throw their stuff out!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

CSI sounds interesting too. Any kid stuff that got left behind would make me sad to go through though.

If they left any useless junk that you can smash, break, or otherwise destroy, that may be fun too :)

Sharon S said...

Hi there-very well done with all your efforts and pleased you found the silverware too!

Daizy said...

Sharon Rose, I am so glad my forks are back! They were a daily reminder of that crazy week.