Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Lentil Experiment

Today was payday. My last paycheck before the 10% paycut. How sad but I am still employed...for now. I didn't spend any money today. (But I found a 2,000 gallon water tank on craig's list for $850 and I REALLY wanted to buy it...but I don't need it.) I am sitting here at my computer while my lentil soup experiment simmers in the crock pot. After reading lots of recipes I decided to throw in a bunch of things that I already had at home like chicken, carrots, various dried herbs, rice, etc... It smells really good. I hope it tastes good.

On a different topic, does anyone know what I need to make my desktop computer wireless? I want to see if I can pick up the wireless signal from the local school. I think I just need to buy a $50 wireless card but I'm not sure. There's probably more to it. If I can get free wireless that would save me $38 a month! If I do lose my job that would be one less bill to pay. I think I need to do a little more research.


C and H said...

Good luck on cutting your "overhead," that is a step in the right direction. (We have a wireless card built into our laptop which allows us to roam freely on surrounding wireless networks. I think you are correct that you will have to buy a card or have one built in.) As for your question about our freezers, currently we do not have a generator to back up the power. But we are in the process of planning to buy some weck canning jars and bottle most of our food for next year. (We have 300-400 ball and Kerr jars we've been using over the years that require us to buy lids each year. They also tend to make some foods taste metalic.) We plan to slowly phaze out of using our freezers and rely on bottled, dried and smoked foods. We also enjoy gardening and we currenly are working on methods to produce crops year round.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It looks good in the pic. Minus a specific recipe, and when in doubt, I keep adding spices.

Daizy said...

C and H, I really want one of those little Acer laptops which only cost $350. Perfect for my small RV. But I can't reconcile the cost yet. If I can upgrade my desktop for only $50 then I don't really NEED a laptop. Oh well.

I've decided to skip the freezer and go straight for the dried, canned and smoked food. I'd get rid of refrigeration altogether if I didn't like ice cream and cold drinks so much.

Good luck on your new blog. I look forward to learning new food storage tips.

Daizy said...

Over The Cubicle Wall, I hate to admit it but I use spices so rarely that they were solid spice chunks at the bottom of the shaker. Spices are something that I should learn how to use. It would be cheaper to make my own sauces and soups instead of buying a jar/can every time. I'll put that on my to-do list...along with digging a root cellar.

Anonymous said...

Daizy my lentil experiment did not go well, hope yours is better.

I will be getting a 10% pay cut too, effective this week. So don't feel alone. I am in the semiconductor industry. Some of our customers have seen a 90% reduction in their orders for this quarter. I may be looking for a new field soon. I bet prison guards don't get laid off during a recession.

Anonymous said...

How did your lentil experiment taste? No use of spices? Need to add some cumin and chili powder. ;)

Talk with the person at the comp store to make sure the wireless card is compatible with your computer.

Anonymous said...

You could buy a usb wireless card instead. Then you could use a longer usb cable to move it closer to the window if you need a better signal. You can even make a reflector with aluminum foil. You could reuse the card if you buy a laptop.

An alternative would be to buy a linksys router and use it as a receiver.

Are you sure the school hasn't password protected their network?

KoBold said...

We add a little vinear to lentil dishes (after cooking) as spice.

Wireless USB receivers are the simplest solution. If the wireless "leak" of the school is password-protected (WEP or WPA encoding), you need to get permission (and a pwd...) from the school, unless you want to hack their encoding. But that takes some expertise plus is illegal.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-the lentil soup sounds deliciously warm and filling, hope it is nice! Hope you get your wireless sorted out.

Living Creekside said...

I am wondering how your soup turned out I have never eaten a lentil in my life .... I hope it was good :-)
We are planning for a big garden here this year and I am going to do lots of canning and freezing we don't have a generator but we have never lost or power for to long knock on wood that's a scary thought though..last year I tried freezing carrots for stew and they didn't hold up so well in the freezer, this year I am going to try canning some ....

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Yummy, lentils. Love them with curry type spices and boiled rice.

I think you need of these but maybe you need to borrow a laptop first to check that you can pick it up from the SUV?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your lentil soup will be delicious!

The combination of ingredients you are using sounds great.

Daizy said...

AlexK, sorry to hear about your paycut. Customs and Border Protection are hiring. I've been lurking on their website. I won't jump but it is nice to know my options. A Federal job sounds good.

The lentils were good enough for lunch today. I guess that's a success.

Money Funk, my lentils turned out good except that I added too much black pepper. I might try to dilute it with more lentils or rice. I guess I went overboard with the one spice I had.

Anonymous, good idea using the USB and putting it near the window. I didn't think about that.

KoBold, vinegar is one thing I don't have. I know...its one of your Nutella.

Hi Sharon Rose. The lentils tasted like tiny beans to me. I think I like them!

That's Me, the lentil soup/stew was good but I hope it freezes well because I don't want to eat it for a week. Good luck with your garden. Some critter just bit my tomato plant in half. I cannot seem to grow anything to adulthood:(

Lizzie, I guess I will but my wireless dreams on hold for now. It doesn't look like it will same me any money.

Saver Queen, I thought starting with chicken and chicken broth was a pretty safe bet. I am pleased with the outcome.