Friday, February 13, 2009

Lured By Advertising

I looked at the grocery ads this week because I needed to go grocery shopping. I was quite low on food and my list was growing. Of course, the ad was all about Valentine's Day. Most of the stuff wasn't interesting but I did want strawberries which were on sale.

Off to the store I went after work and straight away saw some angel food cake. Mmmm, that would be good with strawberries. I got the cake, whipped cream, chocolate pudding because I like that too, and searched for the strawberries. All they had were these heart shaped containers with chocolate dipping sauce for twice the price. I asked an employee. He said they ordered 50 cases but only received 5 cases so they were all out of strawberries. I asked if he could dump some of the heart shaped strawberries in to another container and sell them for the sale price. Nope, he said, they were from a different supplier. Go to Safeway he said. They still have some.

So, I finished my shopping and drove to Safeway, roamed the aisles and finally found 3 containers of strawberries in the back. I paid for my bounty, went home and unloaded my many bags. I got my strawberries but I also spent a lot more money than I had planned, $128 when I only wanted to spend $50. I think I need to do a better job at meal planning. I did buy 5 lbs of potatoes and a large bag of rice. I have a lot of staples now and I could eat for a month as long as I don't get sucked in to grocery advertising again!


Sharon S said...

Hi there-oh dear! At least you have enough to keep you going for a good while! Have a lovely weekend!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Wonder if those special strawberries will be on sale tomorrow?

Oh well, happy weekend, and happy Valentine's Day. Are you lucky enough to get President's Day off of work?

Daizy said...

Thanks Sharon Rose, certainly plenty of food for the rest of February...maybe even March if I am creative!

Over the Cubicle Wall, I wonder what they do with old expensive fruit? I'll never know. I'm not shopping again for at least 2 weeks! Oh, and President's Day is another mandatory vacation day for us. How about you?

Over the Cubicle Wall said...


I have Monday off as part of my 4-10 hour week, but not as a holiday.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to stick to the list sometimes when fun ideas crop up like that!

Daizy said...

Saver Queen, yes indeed. $3 strawberries would have been acceptable but some how cake, whipped cream and pudding jumped in the cart too! I really need to do a beter job defending my cart.