Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Mandatory Vacation Day

Happy President's Day! I have the day off, not by choice but because of cost-saving measures by my company. Everyone was required to use a vacation day today. This is the fourth mandatory vacation day since last year. The first was the day after Easter last year, then Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and now President's Day. I wish these days corresponded to days when I wanted time off but so far they don't. I needed time off when I was cleaning out my house. I used one day but chose to pay people to help me instead of taking more time off because I didn't want my boss to think that my house was interfering with my job. In March I am going out to California to visit family, another 2 days off. I wish I had more vacation days but I only have 12 days for the whole year and it is hard to make them last all year. Of course it doesn't help that my family lives out of state so I can't just drop by on the weekend. I can't wait until my mortgage is gone and I will have more freedom to find a flexible schedule(maybe part-time or seasonal work?).

Anyway, I slept in today, made strawberry waffles, then trimmed my hair, surfed the internet, and watched tv until the boredom caused by daytime television forced me to go outside. It was a lovely day even though the weatherman said it would be windy. I decided to use my free time to start painting my shed. I managed to paint 3 sides before the wind started...and when it started blowing it really started blowing. I guess my nice weather was really the calm before the storm. Tomorrow I might get some rain coming in from California.

My shed looks ugly since only 2/3rds is painted but at least it is a start and the white spot has been covered. I'll get back to painting in a month. Until then my next 3 weekends will be busy with my house and the weekend after that will be with family. Poor shed, always last on my list. Hopefully I'll finish the shed's paint job before summer!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Those waffles look really good. What color is the paint on your shed?

Daizy said...

Um, kind of looks pink doesn't it. I wanted it to be brown and green but I used whatever I could find at the Habitat Store. The forth side will be a slightly different color but then no one can see all 4 sides at the same time right? The trim will be brown. I'm not sure it will match.

Anonymous said...

I love your painting concept! :)

BTW, those waffles look look really yummy!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-well done on getting a lot of your painting done! Those waffles look delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your company has done the same as my husbands. Mandatory vacation and a pay cut.

I REALLY need to finish painting my bathroom. I started in November. I still need to paint the trim. I. Hate. Painting.

Anonymous said...

Strawberry waffles sound good. Yum!

Daizy said...

Money Funk, I figure I can paint over it if it looks hideous right? Besides, the first coat just protects it from the elements. The waffles were good. I froze a bunch so I could have a treat on the weekends without the hassle.

Hi Sharon Rose, it was starting the project that was the biggest hurdle. Although painting the edges with the ladder won't be fun.

Debtfree2009, that's what I'm afraid of, I won't finish painting until next year! It survived this long without paint right?

Moving on up, they were quite delicious!