Saturday, December 27, 2008

TV Troubles

Since I don't have cable TV service or satellite, I only have 10 channels from which to choose. Some of those are duplicates as the public TV channels often play the same shows on different channels. When the wind blows, my antenna connections become loose and I lose channels. Last night I lost 3 network channels with the snow storm. Today I dragged out the ladder and prepared to climb on to the roof only to find it still covered with an inch of ice and snow. My remedy was to find a broom handle and gently beat the connection box. 2 channels came back. Yea:)

I know I should replace the connectors as they are very old but it is one of those things which only bothers me when the channels disappear. That usually happens at night and I amuse myself with the computer or the few remaining channels. This must go on my to-do list. It's not a top priority, merely a nuisance at times but I have a Home Depot gift card so now's my chance to permanently fix the problem.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-hope you get this fixed soon, its amazing what we miss when things suddenly go!!

Daizy said...

Hi Sharon Rose. It would be great to finally fix the antenna. Dragging that ladder back and forth is such a pain! And the TV stations always go out when it is dark, rainy and windy.

moocifer said...

I'm guessing that you can probably just take the cover off the box, undo the connections, clean them with fine grit sandpaper, reattach/secure them, and cover the exposed metal (after reattachment), and have it work as good as new. No trip to home depot needed.

Daizy said...

Hi Bugbear! The last time I was up there I used sandpaper and tried to crimp the connectors with pliers. I also used duct tape to attempt to keep the box from swinging in the wind. Duct tape only lasts about a month out here. I am thinking that screw-on connectors would be better than the ones up there now, but I'll have to make a closer investigation next time when the ice melts.

moocifer said...

Hi, Daizy,

Yes, duct tape won't work for long. BTW, there are special crimping pliers for connectors, which could make a difference. Which I have never used or owned.

RE: the box swinging in the wind: Try gluing the connector box thingie to the side of your trailer using a strong adhesive, like the stuff that auto body people put auto weatherstripping on with. You can get a tube for like 8 bucks at a good auto parts store, and it will withstand the sunlight/ultraviolet rays no problem. (My tube says "not for sale to the general public" or something like that right on the tube!)

There is also an adhesive that people use to permanently glue things to car roofs with, like kayak racks and such. That stuff is hardcore. The box *will not* come off if you use that. I forget what it's called though--I'll look it up and let you know.

I hope you are enjoying your winter wonderland!

Daizy said...

Hi Bugbear, I will have to look for that adhesive. I looked at my connectors and they look ok which is strange because when I shake the antenna, my channel reception changes. I haven't quite figured it out. The box that the wires go in to is a very old plastic box. I think I should try to open it and see how many spiders are living inside. Of course, right now I am getting all but one channel so it it has falen off my emerency to-do list again.