Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally Friday

It's been a long week. Everyone at work wanted to get their projects finished for the end of the year. Today was quiet after a very busy morning. Many of my coworkers left early and will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Maybe I can finally clean off my desk and get organised next week.

I finished my Christmas shopping this week. I did it completely online this year. I've never done that before. All of the teens and adults got gift cards. I don't really like giving gift cards but itunes cards were requested by many. The younger children will receive toys from Amazon. I hope they like the gifts. It is kind of difficult to tell the quality of a toy from a small picture. I tried to get free shipping as much as possible but ended up paying to ship a few items. One good thing about buying gifts cards is that it was easy to stay within my budget. The toys did get a little out of control though :)

I still need to pack and ship some copies of old home movies. They won't get there by Christmas but that is ok. It is probably better that they arrive later so that they don't get trampled under the tree. Just a few chores to do this weekend and the rest of the time is my own. It will be nice to just relax for a while.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I am jealous of your being done. I so wish I was. Next year I promise...oh, never mind. I make that same promise every year.

My brother gave everyone a CD with old home movies on it one year. It is a great gift for sure.

Daizy said...

I think next year the adults might stop exchanging gifts. We are basically just exchanging money at this point. I still have one more gift to buy but it is for an international friend and he already has been warned that it will be more like an Easter gift. If I don't ship his gift by Thanksgiving there is no hope of a Christmas delivery. And yes, I will try better next year too.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-well done on the chirstmas shopping, I think gift cards are a sign of the times and are a good choice too. have a lovely weekend!

Daizy said...

Hi Sharon Rose, it does seem like gift cards are the best choice when shipping is sooo expensive. But I really need to be more creative next year. Well, I have a whole year to plan!