Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are You Cutting Back?

The economy has been down for many months now and even CNN is talking about economising. As I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight last weekend I heard the people on CNN talking about meal planning, using coupons and cooking at home instead of eating out. This is news? I thought everyone did those things. Ok, I know a lot of people don't do those things but my parents always did those things so for the longest time I thought everyone did it. Sometimes I would hear about people in New York who spent a lot of money on food and clothes but I just thought they were really rich.

The funniest part of the CNN broadcast was when their expert suggested that we should buy a $30 shirt from the GAP store instead of that $300 shirt that we usually buy. $300 for a shirt! I can not imagine paying that much. In fact, $30 for a shirt is out of my price range. $3 at the thrift store is more like it. Even better if they are having their $1 sale.

I was thinking about my life and if I have changed anything in the last year because of money. Let's see, I did start carpooling this year because gas prices went up so high. That saved me a lot of money. I lost a lot of money out of my 401k but that only meant I wasn't happy to see my retirement statements anymore. Other than those things, I haven't really changed my routine. I was already budgeting and cutting back as much as I could for my mortgage repayment plan.

So, what have you done differently this year because of the economy?


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I can't imagine a $300 shirt. If I bought one, I couldn't buy any more clothes for a year and a half in order to make my budget. Walking around without pants worked for Porky Pig, but I would get fired and/or arrested.

I was more grateful for my job. Does that count?

Daizy said...

Yes, that counts..and please continue to wear pants!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I'm exactly with you on the shirt debate, the cheaper the better. I feel so much better for budgetting and living below my means, its the ideal way to live, recession or not!!

Anonymous said...

I started bartering. I couldn't stand getting my hair cut and colored at a salon that charged about $120 for the job. I now get it for free by bartering with a woman I found through Craig's List. She's a professional hairdresser and I do decluttering. That's what we exchange. It's great.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I have loads of $300 shirts Daizy, honest I have. Wear them once and then use them for dusters...Doesnt everyone??

Anonymous said...

Re-purposing is so LBYM

Daizy said...

Hello Sharon Rose, yes, budgets are great! i'm glad I had one before this instead of being forced to use one later.

Hi Rhea, bartering is a great idea. That's great that you found a situation that's a win-win.

Yes, Lizzie, those $300 shirts are just clogging up my closet. Maybe one day I'll have a baby so that I can make cloth diapers out of them!

Anonymous, good thing LBYM is 'in' now. We are all SO cool :)