Sunday, November 9, 2008

An RV Tip I Learned From A Snowbird

Can you spot Waldo-dog? That's my old neighbor's dog who has since moved away. I am a dog magnet!

RV sewer hose is one thing that I want to set up and forget about, especially after I have started using it...Ick. I bought my RV used and the previous owner had some nice PVC ramps to keep gravity working in my favor. I could have bought a slinky-type support to go underneath the ramp but bricks work just as well for me. This was a nice set up and it didn't need any attention...until...a storm came through and blew the hose off of it's ramp. Then I had to set it all up again and again. And, I might add, a stretchy hose full of liquid does not want to go back on to a ramp. It was very happy on the ground. So, I got out some plastic cable ties to tie the hose to the ramp but the sun ate them. Then I tried twist ties and they rusted. Then I tried duct tape but the sun ate that too. And then, the sun ate my hose so when I emptied my black water tank there was a putrid fountain of, well, nothing that should ever be fountaining!

Finally I bought some large PVC pipe from the hardware store. I had seen fellow RVers use this trick when I lived at the RV park but my sewer hose was mostly under shade back then. I threaded the new sewer pipe through the hose and now, hopefully, the sun won't eat it. I might need a little more pipe.

The pipe costs me $30 and the sewer hose costs me $30 per year so if my pipe keeps my sewer hose protected so that it lasts for 2 years it will be worth doing since the PVC pipe should last for a very long time. I predict, if I can keep all of the hose shaded, it will last for 5 years or more.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Paint will really help protect plastic pipe from the sun too. You can even paint that corrugated PVC pipe to help it to last longer. Any exterior grade latex paint should work.

Daizy said...

Yes, I want to paint it but I don't have any paint right now. I'll put it on my chore list. Maybe I should post a chore list on my, it would be too long.