Sunday, November 30, 2008

Managed To Score A $200 Travel Voucher

I'm back! It was a nice trip except for one thing. I had a cold the ENTIRE time. I came down with it on Saturday when I arrived and even thought I tried to convince myself that it was just a sinus headache from the plane ride, I had to admit it was a cold when my sister came down with it a few days later. It was a miserable cold too. I was in a cold medicine haze for most of the week, I couldn't taste Thanksgiving dinner, and I didn't start to feel better until Friday then I left on Saturday. Oh well. Someday I will have a flexible schedule so that I can change my plans if one of us is sick. Someday I won't be a prisoner of only TWO WEEKS vacation for the whole year. Someday...

Landing in Phoenix yesterday was quite painful because my head was still stuffed up and the pressure from the long descent in to the airport was slowly moving around from my nose to my ears to my jaw and around again. I was glad to get off the plane but I had to catch another flight to Tucson. While I was waiting, the ticket agent announced that the flight was oversold and they needed a volunteer to catch a later flight. I used to do this all of the time but I haven't managed to get on a crowded flight in the last few years. I volunteered since I didn't have to be at work the next day and happily collected my $200 ticket voucher for a later trip. The next fight was only an hour later so it wasn't a big deal at all. The flight at the next gate was offering a travel voucher, hotel room and meal vouchers. Too bad I wasn't going to Santa Barbara.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-welcome back!! Sorry to hear you were poorly, i do wish you better!

Sallie's Niece said...

Awesome about the $200 voucher. Bad about the cold. Hope you're feeling better!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Welcome back, and sorry you were sick. $200 is a nice deal for waiting that extra hour, plus you probably helped someone out that had to get to where they were going on the earlier flight.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
We missed you. Glad you had a good time in spite of your cold.
I didnt realise flights still got over booked but good shout $200 for an hour.


Daizy said...

Hello Sharon Rose, thanks for the well-wishes. It is good to be back.

Thanks Sallie's Niece. My trip ended much better than it started.

Over the cubicle, there were lots of anxious college kids who couldn't wait to get back to the dorm! I was glad to help them out.

Hi Lizzie, I missed you too! I haven't been able to get a travel voucher in 4 years. I was thrilled to volunteer!