Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plodding Through The Work Week

I think I get discouraged every Tuesday. Then things start looking brighter when Wednesday is over. Work was tedious and boring today but at least I got a few things accomplished. Tomorrow I will probably have to re-do everything I just did but that's the way my job goes. My boss called me near 5pm to ask for some information, then he said, if you ever get married and have babies (he likes to bring up these topics out of the blue) we want you to keep working. Well, I said, are you going to start an on-site daycare in the back warehouse? No, he said, too much liability. Maybe you can work from home part-time or something. I just laughed and said, how about a play-pen in my office.

It is nice that they want to keep me but I have other plans for my life and they don't include working there forever. I know what "part-time" means too. That means the same amount of work for half the money. The best part-time job is one that I can leave. Like working in a store. Something that is impossible to take home with me.

In other news, gas is down to $2.99/gallon. I am still carpooling so my gas bill is going way down. I spent $77 at Fry's grocery store this month. That means I am $23 away from my 10 cent gas discount. Hmmm, spend $23 to get 18 gallons x 10 cents = $1.80 discount. I guess that doesn't make much sense. I'm all stocked up on paper products. I don't even need toilet paper. I'd rather save my $23.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
Our petrol is almost down to £1 per litre again, from a peak of about £1.30. Perhaps the entire nation giving up going out of the house, ever, has had some efect after all.
Your boss obviously doesnt know the real you!

Daizy said...

My boss will never know until the day I say "I quit". :) He is sure that I would be completely miserable without a full time job.