Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Got Fed For Free Today

Just when I decided to buy essential groceries only and eat everything in my pantry and fridge, I get free food. Too bad this free food isn't reliable. One of my co-workers bought giant chocolate chocolate chip muffins. It is hard to believe but I have never had a chocolate muffin before. I prefer apple or blueberry. This muffin was very good but I thought it needed frosting. That would make it a cupcake right? Can I eat a cupcake for breakfast?

Another co-worker brought me a tuna lunch pack, you know, the kind with crackers and a little pack of tuna and mayo. I did mention not buying food until Thanksgiving to her(I was joking, kind of). I'll save the tuna lunch for later.

Then, at lunch, I was too full from the muffin to eat a frozen dinner, which is what I brought so I just had carrots. Another person offered me some of his homemade gumbo. He likes to trick me in to eating spicy things but he promised it was not spicy. It was actually very good. It tasted a lot like the red beans and rice I make, except without the beans and with chicken and sausage. I asked for the recipe. The ingredients didn't look too expensive, maybe I can add it to my frugal meal plan.

If this kind of free food keeps up I won't have any problem making it until Thanksgiving without groceries!


Anonymous said...

I love getting free food like that! I also love to share things I have made with my co-workers. I figure it all comes out about even. I was fed free today too. I had my annual review at work and my bosses took me out to lunch! I brought the leftovers back to the office to have for lunch tomorrow too. :)

Daizy said...

Ahhh, free lunch AND leftovers...even better!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
My office is the first one outside of the boardrooms at work. They have to work pretty hard to get leftovers past me!


Daizy said...

Hey Lizzie, do you set traps for them and say things like 'that looks heavy, let me help you' or 'I'll help clean up' and then take it all home?