Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aw, Not Another Bill

As I drove home this afternoon (I had to drive myself since my carpool took a vacation day) I was thinking about the numerous accessories that I could buy for the new phone that I just ordered. Phone accessories are so expensive. I am not sure which ones I will need yet so I didn't order any with the phone. I usually have $50 every month to spend either on something I need or if I'm lucky, something I want.

September was looking good. I didn't have anything on my need list. Well, the truck probably needs a tune-up but it just got an oil change, isn't that good enough? As I was dreaming of bluetooth and memory cards it hit me...a rock. It put a big star shaped crack in my windshield. Bummer. So much for September's fun money.

Now, should I have the star repaired or wait for a bigger crack and have the whole windshield replaced? I took the glass insurance off of the truck 2 years ago right after I got a new windshield. I've been very lucky. 2 years and barely a chip. I know I should have it repaired. It will be cheaper in the long run unless I get hit with another rock after the repair. That's the chance I take for owning a vehicle. Those phone accessories will have to go on my Christmas list.


Anonymous said...

it looks quite big Daizy, you probably should get it repaired.

Sallie's Niece said...

I've heard that most insurance companies will cover you for the repair and the repair company just bills your insurance so there's no out of pocket costs. There are commercials every day for this one company - Safe Lite or something but I'm not sure if they are nationwide. Good luck!

Daizy said...

Well, I decided to see if I can mess up the repair on my own. I might need a whole new windshield after I get through with it!