Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ramen Lurking In My Pantry

The people at work love to watch what I do. I don't know why I am so fascinating. Today I brought spaghetti for lunch. I have been eating frozen dinners for 2 weeks (I got them on sale for $1.50) so spaghetti (not from a can) was something different and of course they noticed. This led to a discussion on canned spaghetti, ramen noodles, and mac and cheese in a box. We decided that people who ate ramen and mac and cheese were more culinarily (is that a word?) gifted than people who ate canned pasta since there were more steps involved in the cooking process. Then there are some, like the people at ramenlicious, who add there own ingredients to ramen. I'm not sure where it falls on the culinary scale but I have to give them high marks for creativity.

I never ate ramen in college but I did try it in its normal soup format when I got my first apartment. It is fun to eat but gets old fast. Last year I attended a Pampered Chef party and they made an Asian pork dish with ramen noodles. It was pretty good. Too bad I don't remember the recipe. This led me to buy a 10 pack of ramen noodles when they went on sale, like they often do, for 10 cents a pack. I ate 2 packs. The rest of them have become my 'emergency' food. You know, in case the power goes off and I am forced to huddle in my RV and gnaw on dried ramen for days.

Perhaps it is not a good idea to have 'emergency' food that I would not want to eat. I have an idea...my niece is going back to college soon. I can slip the ramen noodles in to a care package. I'm sure she can find a starving student that would love them. And I can re-claim some space in my itty-bitty RV pantry. There's no room in there to be storing food that I don't want to eat.


Anonymous said...

Actually the canned spaghetti would be better emergency food. I can't imagine what it tastes like though. I sense you would have a manual can opener. Not saying that is bad - that is what i have.

Anonymous said...

People at work watch me too! They think I'm weird because I always have a packed lunch and never buy anything. My husband has had wholemeal cheese sandwiches every day so far this week, as we have cheese that needs eating up. Is he bothered, not in the slightest.

Do you have cans of baked beans in the US? these are great as an emergency food

Daizy said...

Yes, spaghetti O's and baked beans would make good emergency food and yes I have a manual can opener. I think I even have a camp stove and some old sterno to heat them up. I hope I never have to use it though.

Anonymous said...

I eat ramen noodles a couple times a month. I buy frozen brocilli and put this in the last minute of cooking time for the noodles. Pour into bowl, add sour cream and a little cheese. Great tastey, cheap meal. I had never eaten ramen, had never heard of it til last year. I'm in my sixties. I think it is a treat.

Daizy said...

I have to admit, anonymous, I do like to eat the curly noodles with chopsticks for the fun of it. I think I need to try some new recipes.