Saturday, August 30, 2008

My $2.50 Tomatoes

Well, this is it. My entire tomato harvest. I guess I could write a post on how NOT to grow tomatoes.

I bought a baby tomato plant in the spring and planted it in a large pot. It grew rapidly but the weather also got hotter. I watered it every day and even put up some shade for it. It was a lot of work to water it everyday since I didn't have a nearby water source and my rainwater reserves were getting low. The real problem came when I went out of town for a week. There were many green tomatoes on the plant when I left but my watering helper missed a day or two and the plant looked dead when I came back.

To my surprise the plant came back and managed to produce 5 little tomatoes before it took a turn for the worse again. Too bad. They were excellent tomatoes. They were sweet and juicy and so much better than anything at the grocery store.

Next year I will try again. Hopefully I have learned from my mistakes. I will put up shade earlier and if I have to go out of town I will arrange for a back up watering person.

Also, my zucchini died without producing but I planted some yellow squash and they look like they are doing ok. There is still a tiny bit of hope for my gardening efforts.


Anonymous said...

I think my gardening skills are even worse than yours, if its any consolation.:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'd grow nothing! Well done on what you did grow, hopefully next year is a better harvest!

Daizy said...

Maybe next year I'll try some upside down tomatoes (you know, hanging in a bucket up-side down?)in the shade. I've always wanted to try it and I can't do any worse.