Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mr. Memory Stick To The Rescue

Since my mp3 player broke yesterday after lunch, I had to listen to the radio on a very old, static-y, transistor radio that only got a country station or a classic rock station. I detest radio commercials. I don't have the patience for them. When I am in my car I am constantly scanning the stations to find something I like. Yes, my car only has a radio and tape player. I don't keep tapes in the car, they would melt.

I also decided to buy a new phone with a music player yesterday but I haven't had a chance to compare the available choices. I really should go to a Verizon store and play with the phones before I pick one. They are very different in real life. At the bank today I saw a small girl beating her sister over the head with her mother's phone. I didn't like that phone...too skinny.

But I needed something to keep me sane at work. My mortgage repayment plan will not work if I quit my job early. I was thinking about what to do as I was going to sleep last night and I thought, if only I could get my music on to my work computer, I could play it through the computer. Hmmm, then it hit me. The memory stick that I got for Christmas could transport my songs to work! Yea! I jumped out of bed and tried the first part of my plan. It worked, the songs loaded on to the memory stick. This morning the first thing I did at work was transfer my songs. It worked again! I was so happy. And I won't run through batteries like I did with my mp3 player. That little thing ate a AAA battery a day. The only bad part is that my head phone cord is short. No slouching today! I had to sit close to my computer. I found an old pair of headphones with a longer cord when I got home so I should be a little more comfortable tomorrow.

I am still planning to get a new phone. I want to be able to listen to music when I go for a walk and I need a phone with a music player for that. Today the flies were driving me crazy buzzing around my ears. It is much better when I have headphones on. I think I might wear the headphones anyway tomorrow just so the flies don't bother me.

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