Sunday, July 13, 2008

Selling My Stuff Is A Little Depressing

At least I am glad that selling my stuff is a choice. I could be one of those people who HAVE to sell their things to pay the mortgage or buy food. I sold my serger today. I am glad to see it go. I hope the woman has better luck with it than I did. She is an avid sewer so I think it went to a good home. I still have more to sell but I will do it slowly and probably on ebay. I need to make sure the auction ends on a Thursday so that the people have a day to pay and then I can ship on Saturday morning at the local post office. Trying to ship during the work week is very inconvenient.

Since I was on the other side of town while selling my serger I decided to stop in and see some manufactured homes where the models are set up. Unfortunately, they were closed. The web site said 5pm but I guess they make up their own hours. It's better that I don't start looking at those homes. In a weak moment I could sign up for a 4 bedroom double wide just because I want a full size kitchen and fancy bathroom. Hmmm, I need a new hobby to take my mind off of houses...quick!

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