Friday, June 6, 2008

Just When I Was Hoping For A Problem Free Month

Is there ever such thing as a problem-free month? Probably not. First, the solar light started blinking. On/off, on/off. Over and over. That's not what it is supposed to do. I only got it a couple of months ago so hopefully there is a warranty. Now...where did I put that receipt? This problem was actually a carry-over from last month. I just unplugged it. Now I need to deal with it.

This morning the bathroom light started to flicker. It is a florescent bulb so it will go out soon. I don't have any spares. I hope Ace carries them because Walmart is far away and I can't stand the crowds.

And then, when I came home from work I pulled on to the street where my mail box is supposed to be. It's a rural mailbox, metal with cubby holes and keys and 4 end boxes for larger packages. It was GONE! Well, mostly gone. One package box remained. It was squished, like someone ran it over. I was shocked. I picked up my mail on Tuesday so I had 3 days of mail in there. I don't know if someone hit it and then the post office hauled it away or if it was stolen for scrap metal. I don't even want to think about identity theft! I'll have to call the post office tomorrow and find out what's going on and where to get my mail.

So far this month is anything but problem-free...and it just began.

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