Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've Become A Craig's List Stalker

It's a bad habit. Just seeing all of the stuff on Craig's List makes me want it. And the prices are so good. I wish I had known about that site before I bought all of my sewing supplies. I bought my serger used for $300 and my sewing maching new for $300, both from a sewing store. I barely used them and now I want to sell them. If I'm lucky I can get $100-$150 for each. If I had bought something used off of Craig's List to begin with I wouldn't have to take such a loss now. Now I know. Hobbies should always be tested with used or borrowed equipment before making a big investment.

I have been looking around for more things to list on Ebay or Craig's List. I can't decide if it's worth the trouble if something will only sell for $5. I plan on having a garage sale next March when I sell the contents of my rental house so maybe I will just wait to sell some things. I really hate packaging and mailing stuff.

My current ebay auctions have 2-5 watchers but not a lot of bidders. If one of my cars will sell on Ebay for $10 plus $10 shipping, then I think maybe it would be better to try to sell them at the swap meet for $20. That way I get the whole $20 and don't have to bother with shipping.

I did put my giant TV antenna on Craig's List today. No interest yet. Maybe after it falls down someone will want it. I found a free entertainment center close to my house so I sent an email. I don't NEED an entertainment center but it would be nice to have one if I am going to move back in to my mobile home. I sent them an email but maybe they gave it away already. It's probably better that way. I don't need more stuff, I'm trying to get rid of stuff! I know, I'm bad. I should stop looking. If I keep this up one of these days I'm going to bring home a horse!

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