Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Ready For My Trip

The last time I went to Spokane I got the stomach flu. I am optimistic this time. Anything is better than the stomach flu. 2 more days of work and I will be free for a whole week. Yea!!!

I've been eating bagels for breakfast and spaghetti and salad for lunch for 3 days now but surprisingly, I am not sick of it yet. That's good because I have 2 more days to go. I don't think I will have to throw out any perishable food. Oh, I had better freeze that milk. I forgot about that. Nope, just checked. Not enough to bother. Maybe I should make a milkshake instead.

I still need to go over to my coworkers house. I am supposed to house-sit when I come back. Her old dog has special dietary needs. I have to show my neighbor which of my plants to water too. I'll do that on Friday. I also have to go get my suitcase and pack for cooler weather than in Arizona. That will be a nice change.

But the best part work next week, no work next week, and did I work next week!!!


Anonymous said...

hee hee good to hear you so excited! I bet eating up that food is really helping the budget? I find that if I decide to use up food from the freezer or larder I can make a good saving on my weekly shopping bill.

Daizy said...

And I'll be mooching off the parents and sister next week so I won't have to buy groceries until June! Oh wait, I shouldn't write that...they read this blog!