Monday, May 5, 2008

Examining The Wants And Needs On My Grocery List

I would usually go to the grocery store now. I am bored with the food that I have and my usual staples are dwindling. The grocery store is also where I overspend every month and with prices going up, I can't keep doing that. I made a list of all of my wants and needs and then thought about the food that I have left.

I want milk, juice and rootbeer. I have powdered milk, water and diet pepsi.

I want hawaiian bread and bagels. I have a frozen loaf of wheat bread.

I want some microwave dinners for the times I don't feel like cooking. I have hot dogs, frozen chicken and pasta that just needs to be cooked.

I want watermelon and strawberries. I have 3 oranges, lettuce, carrots and some fruit cocktail.

I want cookies. I have all the ingredients for cookies, I just have to put them together and bake them.

So, it looks like I don't NEED to go to the store just yet. I think I can make it until Saturday if I try.

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Phil said...

haha I do the same thing. There will be endless food in my fridge but I will go out and buy something easy because it doesn't involve cooking.