Thursday, May 8, 2008

Almost Forgot My Forever Stamps

Since they announced the postage rate increase a few months ago, I have been planning to buy some Forever Stamps. I didn't get around to it and my mother reminded me last weekend that the rate change will happen May 12. I never seem to make it to a post office. I used to buy stamps at the grocery store but I haven't been shopping lately. I found one of those orange envelopes that the mail person leaves to order stamps but since I can't mail letters from my home I would have to go to the post office anyway to leave my order. Then I remembered that I could order online. Yea! I can use a credit card too. One thing I dislike as much as going to the post office is writing checks. So, I ordered 3 books. That should get me through next year. There was a $1 shipping charge but I am ok with that for the convenience.

I am going to cancel my business license since my house is no longer a short term rental. I had to mail in paperwork every month to report any rental income. That will save 12 stamps a year. The only other monthly bill that I mail is my Discover card. I'm just not comfortable with giving Discover access to my bank account. I suppose I should look in to online bill pay. If I can pay the bill for free online I could save another 12 stamps. Save a stamp and save the hassle of mailing a letter...I like it!

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