Monday, April 21, 2008

What's Growing In The Mini-Garden

So far my little container garden is doing well. I started them off in my green house and moved them out to the kiddie pool when it got too hot. The peas didn't do too well. I think it is too hot for them already. The tomato plant really took off. It must be four times the size in just a month, and there are little tomatoes too. The sunflowers are good so far but they wilt if I don't keep the water level up. I fill the pool with 3-4 cans of recycled washing machine water twice a week.
The poplar tree babies are growing and the zucchini is still alive. The poor strawberry would love to spread it's roots but I don't have a permanent place for it yet. I think I only got 6 berries this year. The other red and Mexican bird of paradise and fairy duster are plugging along. They might be the only things that make it through the summer.

I am looking forward to tomatoes the most. I would like zucchini but I don't expect them to survive. I think everyone else can grow zucchini except me. Someday I will have a real garden plot with shade and protection from the critters. Until then I will have to make do with my kiddie pool garden and rejoice in the small victories (if there are any).


Rachel said...

A tip for your strawberries - try growing them in a hanging basket. they will have the room they need and they seem to be eaten less by birds while they are up there. Of course you will have to water them pretty often.

Daizy said...

Ah yes...water, my constant struggle. Maybe I could at least split them up so i would have more plants.