Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Finally Made That Trip To The Dump

I have been needing to make a trip to the dump for many months now. I had an old stove, washer, and fridge plus misc. trash and no way to get rid of it. Finally I arranged a trip with a neighbor today and I am trash free! It is so exciting.

It took 2 trips to get rid of everything and it cost $10 for each load so I spent $20. The dump was a scary place so I am glad that someone went with me. I had never been to a real dump, only small transfer stations where trash goes in to containers. This place was huge. I drove up the giant trash hill(trash hill had a great view). The smell was nasty. Everyone just lines up and dumps the trash out of their trucks and then the giant earth moving machines drive back and forth and move the trash around. I've seen that on TV but never in person. So much waste! It was amazing.

Near the entrance was a place for recycling but the signs were not clear so I had to ask where to put the appliances. There were also collection spots for things like hazardous household chemicals, computers, and batteries. That's good to know in the future. I think dropping things off in the recycled area is free but I am not sure.

Anyway, it was quite an adventure today. I got a major chore crossed off my list. Now I can go sweep out the garage and make it look purdy. Oh, yes...and when I was loading up the trash this morning, I looked in my water bucket and saw this giant centipede. Eek! I let it go far away from the garage.

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