Friday, April 11, 2008

Making A To-Do List For The Weekend

Ah, the weekend chore list. I wish I didn't have chores but then how else would anything get done? I just hope I don't spend much money.

Let's's car registration time which means a trip to the emissions testing center. I'm always afraid my car will fail. I don't know why, it doesn't spew black smoke or anything. I have the car registration and emission testing fee in my budget so that won't cost extra.

Next, organize and mail my state taxes. I finished them, I just need the last step of actually putting them in the envelope and sending them off. Cost: only a stamp.

Finish working on my airbrush flame project. That won't cost me anything, only my time. I hope I can finish it because I am getting tired of looking at it.

Buy a water pump and move water to my main tank. This is going to cost $80...bummer.

Grocery shopping, this could be costly if I go crazy. I had better make a list and stick to it. I need to think ahead for next weeks meals.

And something more relaxing and free...go for a walk and take pictures of the wild flowers. They don't last very long and the weather should be nice this weekend.

If I feel really energetic I can lay some pavers and brick to make a patio in front of my RV. I doubt I will get that motivated but it would be free since I already have the bricks.

So that's my plan. I only have a few weekends left before it is too hot to go outside. I've got to make the most of it!

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